Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Excerpt--What She Craves

Sorry I'm late with Monday's excerpt. It's been a busy day!
Today I'm giving you a sneak peek at my December 14th Samhain release, "What She Craves".
a hot m/f/m menage and the second story in my Cape May series. :)

Unwrapping these gifts could get a girl in a world of trouble.

Cape May, Book 2

Tory Jeffries likes things simple. A modest home, a web design business, easygoing men. Except there’s never one around when she needs one—and she needs a date for the event of the year, her friend Con Walker’s annual Christmas party. Not that she couldn’t go alone, but spending the evening as a third wheel doesn’t appeal.
When her old friend Devon Mason turns up dateless as well, she anticipates a fun evening with her flirty, bad-boy buddy. Then Devon and Con offer her a Christmas treat that her inner slut begs her not to refuse. A night with both delicious, muscular men. In Con’s bed. Naked.

After growing up together with an up-close-and-personal view of life’s ugly side, it doesn’t surprise Devon and Con that they’ve fallen for the same woman. They’ve watched her date men who aren’t nearly good enough for her, and now it’s time to show the fiery blonde just how perfectly she fits in their sinful fantasy sandwich. When they take their first long, slow taste, something extraordinary happens. They fall in love.

Now all they have to do is convince their suddenly skittish princess that fairy tales can come true…

Warning: This book contains one sassy heroine getting two tasty alpha heroes for Christmas. Expect some crazy hot m/f/m sex and a Christmas Eve party that’ll blow your stockings clean off.

Adult Excerpt:

Tory felt at home. It was odd, but there it was. Nothing could ever harm her with Devon’s strong arms holding her tight. She twined her arms around his neck, and he pulled her in tighter. She immediately knew what he wanted to show her. The rigid thickness of his cock now pressed into her belly. Tory’s knees went weak. Her eyes sought his, searching for confirmation. His wicked smile sent her blood pressure soaring. He rotated his hips, causing heat to pool between her legs and her face to flame.

Leaning down, his hot breath against her ear, Devon whispered, “Don’t be embarrassed, sugar. You’re beautiful. Feeling your sweet curves against me is driving me right out of my mind.” He lifted his head, his gaze so dark she barely saw the pupils. “I’m not going to do anything about it. Not unless you want me to. Do you want me to, Tory?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Are you a little turned on?” he whispered against her ear.

“Maybe,” she confessed. “But we’re friends, Devon.”

“And friends can’t be lovers?”

Tory shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had it happen before.”

“Maybe we should find out where this could go.”

“Devon’s right.”

Tory froze at the deep baritone coming from directly behind her. Turning her head, she saw Con, and he was close. Close enough she could smell his clean masculine scent and see the tension riding him.

The ramifications of what they were saying hit her at once. “Both of you?” Her nipples hardened as if begging to be touched, tasted, played with by Con and Devon both. Her nipples were total sluts, she decided.

Con cupped the back of her neck. It was a strong, possessive hold. Tory couldn’t move. “You sound surprised, baby.”

“Surprised barely covers it,” she said, and her voice sounded husky. Damn it, she sounded aroused. “You two must have had too much to drink or something.” Lighten the mood, she lectured herself. While you’re at it, remember who you’re with, you wanton.

Con tsked. “You know better. Devon never drinks, and I only had a few sips of that white wine you tasted earlier.”

She did know Devon’s rigid stance on alcohol. His father had been an abusive drunk and, as a result, Devon never touched the stuff. “Then maybe I’m the one who’s had a little too much.”

“Come upstairs with us, sugar. Where we can be alone. We can talk about this in private.”

“Talk?” she asked, turned on despite her suspicions.

“Talk, nothing more. Unless it’s what you want,” he added. “I promise.”

“You have our word, baby,” Con said, adding his two cents to Devon’s. “The ball’s in your court.”

“But you don’t deny you want me. Both of you. At once.” She said it quietly, but still it felt like all eyes were on her.

“We won’t lie to you,” Devon said. “Having you is something we’ve both fantasized about, Tory.”

Tory slapped a hand over her eyes. “Oh, God. This is so crazy.”

Con pried her hand away, a tender smile on his face. “Crazy because you like the idea, or crazy because the thought is repugnant?”

She couldn’t lie, not about this. Not when they were opening themselves up to her in such a vulnerable way. “It’s not repugnant,” she answered, her voice quivering. From fear or excitement? Both, she suspected.

Devon’s arms tightened and Con’s silver gaze blazed with passion. “Follow me,” Con growled.

Con gestured to Jason, his personal assistant. Making arrangements for Jason to handle the guests? Most likely. Heat filled her cheeks when Jason’s gaze darted her way for a split second. As Con started out of the room, Devon wrapped a hand around her smaller one, then led her toward the doorway. Her legs shook. She was really doing this. Going upstairs with Devon and Con. Would they make love to her? Both powerful men? She couldn’t even begin to get her head around it. Tory had no experience to aid her in this. What would they expect from her? Would she be able to satisfy two such virile men? More importantly, what would it do to their friendship?

Suddenly, Devon stopped and cupped her chin in his large, gentle grip. “Stop analyzing it. Only let us please you. That’s what Con and I want. To please you.”
His gaze dropped to her chest. Was he looking at her nipples? Could he tell they were hard for him? His nostrils flared as he muttered, “So sweet. So tempting.”
“So out of my depth,” she muttered.

Devon brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Without another word, he took her to the stairs. Halfway up, he stopped her again, murmuring, “Tell me, sugar, are you wet right now? Is your pussy eager for my touch?”

“Devon.” She had no idea what she was going to say. She had no words to describe the feelings rioting inside her at that moment.

“Con and I are going to make you feel so damn good. Every sexy inch of you, Tory.”

She had to make him understand. He had to know she wasn’t this daring. That she’d never been wild or uninhibited in bed. She swiveled on her heel, nearly tumbling right off the step had Devon not reached out and grabbed her around the waist. “I’ve never…this isn’t—”

“Shh, it’s okay.” He reached around and patted her bottom. “Upstairs first, sugar.”

Tory hesitated. She could leave. Simply ask Devon to take her home. He’d do it. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t hold it against her, either. He would call tomorrow morning and wish her a Merry Christmas the way he always did. Did she want that? Did she want to walk away from them?

And my inspiration for Con and Devon... *grin*


  1. I love your inspiration for Con and Devon...very inspiriing indeed:)

  2. OMG THat is one sizzling excerpt. Whew, I need a frozen drink or two.

  3. Maria--Thanks! There's nothing wrong with a few visual aids. hehe!

  4. Linda--Thanks! Now that you mention it, I could use a margarita right about now. Too early? Probably. *sigh*

  5. That was HAWT!!! Can't wait for it to be released! My birthday is the 13th, I may have to give myself an early present! LOL